3D POSTER & Display products

Product Description

3D PVC Posters & hangers are manufactured by multi-colour offset printing with thermoforming.

3D Posters are ideal for POP displays, Calendars, medical education display tool, F&B, FMCG, Pharmaceutical industries.

These posters are more attractive & durable as compared to standard paper posters.

Customisations available:
        -Designs & patterns: As required.
        -Size: Ranging from A4 to 18''x24''.
        -Printing: As per customer requirement.
        -3D effect: Selective embossing as per customer's specific requirements.

3D Display Product

3d display article is very new concept developed by Prime Packaging it helps to display your product in retail . We can developed these concept for any kind of design as per customer requirement.

Metallizing Dangler

Metallizing dangler can be made out of PVC & PP with multi-colour offset printing as per customer requirement.

Metalizing creates eye catching that enables brand display.

It's very useful for promotional display in shopping mall, multiplexes and retail counters.

It caters FMCG, Pharmaceutical & F&B Industries.