Tuck N Lock Boxes

Product Description

Tuck N Lock Boxes – Tuck N Lock boxes is a unique packaging created by Prime Packaging where in top and bottom is made of moulded (PP) plastic ( different color options are available) and centre wall is made from (PVC,PET,PP) material and these pack is also having foldable top hanger which help the box to hang at retail shelf and does not disturb during transit .The locking mechanism is made in such a way that we don't have to used staples , rivet or tape . Centre wall of material can be offset or screen printed which enhance the product at retail shelf.

Tuck n Lock boxes can be made in any shape like Square , Round , Hexagonal , Square and many more . As it should remain unique in market we have made these design Patented.

Our registered design patent no are as under

1] 268259
2] 268260
3] 268261
4] 268262
5] 268263