Face Shield


Material: PET / Transparent
Thickness: 0.35mm (350 micron/0.50mm (500 micron)
Size: 290MM (Width) X 230MM (Height)
Face shield plays an extremely important role in providing protection to You, Your Staff, Medical Patient & General Citizens

About Product

1. Product is made to fit over spectacles and face mask it covers full face from forehead to chin.
2. Simple design of device allows easy wear by the users.
3. Made from PET material which is Non Toxic, Phthalate free, Optically clear, Light Weight, Distoration free, Fibreglass free, Latex free & Environment free material adding G – Glycol provides significant chemical resistance, durability as compare to normal PET material compliant with Requirement/ Standard EU 10/2011/EN 1186-1:2002.
4. Advantage of Face Shield is to protect less retained Dermal Facial Heat, Less Claustrophobic, No Impact on Vocalization, Does not Facial Non Verbal Communication, Can be easily Disinfected.
5. Sterilization – Using Sanitizer OR Soap Water.

Suitable For

1. As a part of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) KIT for Health Care Workers to protect the facial area and associated mucous membranes (eyes, nose, mouth) from spray & spatter of body fluids.
2. Policemen.
3. Protective measures for Labours working in Industries.
4. Custodial Staff dealing with Spills.
5. Contaminated waste handlers.
6. Office Staff, Retail Staff, Street Vendors .
7. General citizens travelling in crowded place.
8. Students Attending School / Classes Residential / Commercial premises Security personnel.